Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering seeks to establish a culture to bring out the best from the students. For that we have initiated a platform “Department Association” named as “Navacharitam” and its main objective include is to –

Identify skills and creativity among students by conducting various activities like Technical Paper Presentation, Group Discussion, Technical Quiz, Project Expo, Poster Creation, Circuit debugging, Coding Competition, Build-a-thons etc.


"navacharitam" logo design competition

Last date of submission – 22 May 2021 (Extended)

The purpose of the contest is to design a logo in resemblance to the sanskrit name Navacharitam. The logo may be used in all media – including online, print, on merchandise and other visual collateral.

"e-Poster" design competition

Last date of submission – 30 May 2021 (Sunday)

Theme: Highlight importance of following safety measures to curb the spread of COVID-19



e-Poster design, Circuit debugging, Technical quiz, Code Ninja, Buil-a-Thons and many more. Stay tuned..

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