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Department of Electronics & Communication started functioning from the academic year 2001 with 60 students, and was increased to 300 students. The department lays stress on all round development of the students as well as faculty by providing them conducive academic environment and necessary infrastructure for carrying out academic and research work. 

The Department was Accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), accredited by NAAC with “A” grade in the year 2015 and in the year 2016 college achieved UGC-Autonomous Status.

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All Courses are approved and certified by National Board of Accredation

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World class infrastructures and resources

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Our students will learn the most advanced curriculum and syllabus.


We will make the students industry ready and excel in the contemporary business world.


Students can go beyond the conventional career paths. We provide the opportunities to be an researcher or entrepreneur in the frontline areas.


Students can choose their career in modern job requirements like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, 5G communication, Internet of Things, Robotics, Modern VLSI design, Image & Signal Processing etc.


We provide opportunities to succeed

The department focuses on development of Students both technically and analytically by providing a conducive environment for performing better in Academics. Students are given awareness on better future prospects and several higher education courses available after B.Tech program and are encouraged to take-up GATE, GRE and CAT exams. Special emphasis is laid in training the students on latest technologies thereby creating a path for placements in reputed companies.

Best technology careers for the future IN ECE


The main purpose of a Embedded Engineer is to solve problems using Embedded Electronics as a pathway. Usually the job of an embedded engineer depends on the field of application. Embedded Engineers work on a vast number of verticals ranging from low range commercial electronics to high value industrial electronics. Typically their work focuses on using Electronics knowledge to implement circuits and write code in most cases. The end goal is to achieve desired outputs using required/available inputs and by maintaining optimum resource utilization.

Electronics & Communication Engineer

 It is one of the lucrative jobs where electronics & communication engineers work for scientific and research companies, media & entertainment, military, broadcasting, telecommunication companies. They design, develop & maintain connections which provide uninterrupted internet services, signals, and create programs for better & advanced communication process.

IOT Specialized engineer

The devices in the IoT world are called the things which connect to a network of things using a specific set of technology and protocols designed by specialized professionals. The specialized professionals are the Electronics and Communication engineers who deep dive into critical concepts of electronics and communication and learn the fundamental protocols which are used to set up a robust network of devices like the sensors, actuators, edge devices, and the processing units all together so on and so forth to create an amazing IoT network with wondrous possibilities.

Network Planning Engineer

Multinational as well as indigenous firms recruit ECE graduates for ECE jobs such as Network Planning engineers to establish and maintain a network for their organization. Their task is to create a robust and scalable network and troubleshoot any errors in connectivity and even safeguarding the network from possible intruders with a malicious plan of action.

Field Test

They design electrical devices such as radar, motor, power generation equipment, etc. Also, They design systems such as broadcasts systems, portable music, and even GPS. The job is to develop new ways and methods to use electrical power. Also, to perform detailed calculations to create new standards. He/she provide a solution of problems to the customers. They analyze customers’ needs and solve them. The maintenance of systems is their prime duty.

Software ENGINEEr/developer

The business environment relies heavily on software for many functions – from automated traffic control systems to complex manufacturing processes, and Software Engineers are pivotal in the development of software that provides real solutions. A Software Engineer needs to address the entire software development lifecycle – to analyse the needs, and then design, test and develop software in order to meet those needs.

The above mentioned career paths are most relevant to core of Electronics & Communication Engineering. To explore more careers click below


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When you’re just starting your college experience as a first-year student, it can seem like the entire world is your oyster. Between all the people to meet, classes to take and places to get involved on campus, it’s a time ripe with possibility. And because you want to squeeze every last drop out of your college experience, you’re prepared to seize as many opportunities as you can.

What you may not know is that getting involved on campus comes with its own set of major perks. It’s not just about meeting other students, although that’s definitely one appeal of joining college clubs and organizations. But that’s not the only benefit of getting involved.

– It’s a chance to build your skillset

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It can build your self-confidence

– It can provide you with a well-rounded college experience

– It can increase your marketability

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To bring out the talents in students, we are going to conduct various technical events.

18 June 2022


The day has come and you’re finally graduating! From picking up your gown and decorating your grad cap to making sure your parents arrive on time, you’ve worked hard for your graduation ceremony to become a reality.

Jan 14, 2022

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All the students seeking admission in Siddharth Institute of Engineering & Technology College must get a rank in EAMCET and choose the NICE as the college when attended to counseling.The Students who have qualified in the EAMCET can apply for the management quota and the rest who seek the admission should apply for an NRI seat.